Josh Carlson

Office: 479 Carver Hall
Office Hours: N/A

Current Teaching:


Teaching Experience:

                              Math 165: Calculus I Section 2 ( Fall 2015)
                              Math 165: Calculus I Section C ( Summer 2015)
                              Math 265: Calculus III Sections 15,17,19 ( Spring 2015)
                              Math 265: Calculus III Sections B2,C2,D2 ( Fall 2014)
                              HHMI Mathematics Course ( Summer 2014)
                              Math 165 - Calculus 1 Sections U,V ( Spring 2014)
                              Calculus Tutor for ISU Academic Success Center (2011 - 2013)
                              48 hours of practicum experience at Ames High School (Ames, IA)
                              24 hours of practicum experience at Northview Middle School (Ankeny, IA)

Mathematics Courses Taken at ISU:

            Math 166H: Calculus II Honors
            Math 265: Calculus III
            Math 267: Differential Equations
            Math 201: Intro to Proofs
            Math 341: Probability and Stats I
            Math 342: Probability and Stats II
            Math 317: Intro. Linear Algebra
            Math 301: Intro. Abstract Algebra I
            Math 302: Intro. Abstract Algebra II
            Math 435: Geometry I
            Math 436: Geometry II
            Math 414: Intro. Real Analysis I
            Math 415: Intro. Real Analysis II
            Math 510: Linear Algebra
            Math 504: Abstract Algebra I
            Math 505: Abstract Algebra II
            Math 610: Graduate Research (2015)
            Math 515: Real Analysis I
            Math 516: Real Analysis II
            Math 607: Graph Theory
            Math 511: Complex Analysis
            Math 680A: Hopf Algebra
            Math 562: Numerical Linear Algebra
            Math 606: Enumerative Combinatorics
            Math 610: Graduate Research (2017)
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                        Wolfram Alpha
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                        Math Help Room
                        Apply for a Tutor
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                        Trig Integrals
                        Sequences and Series

Research Experience:

                              2013 ISU Math REU (Digraph Zero Forcing):   Paper    Poster
                              Math 610 EGR (2015): Exponential Domination
                              Math 610 EGR (2017): Throttling PSD Zero Forcing
                              2017 ISU Math REU (Inverse Eigenvalue Problem)
                              2017 Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics


                              B.S. in Mathematics from Iowa State University, 2013 (Cum Laude)

"In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it." - Georg Cantor (1845 - 1918)